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Gem Mine 1.0

Gem Mine collapse/match 3 game with fine graphics and quite enjoyable gameplay
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Gem Mine takes you inside a mine full of precious gems to collect. It is developed my Media Contact LLC, and can be downloaded with no cost, as it has a freeware license.
Gem Mine is basically a collapse/match 3 game with fine graphics and quite enjoyable gameplay, especially at higher levels. The goal is to make the gems disappear from the screen, by forming groups of three or more adjacent gems. If you manage to denotate larger groups of gems, you will be getting more bonus points.

There are two game modes to play, arcade and puzzle, each one with a unique style. First, in the Arcade Mode you have to form gem clusters very quickly to prevent them from reaching the top of the screen. In turn, in Puzzle mode you can take your time to form clusters, however, new groups of gems rise with any new move you make. While the arcade mode provides more action and excitement, puzzle mode demands more strategy before making any move. Besides, you will find a number of special pieces such as bombs or stones which cannot be easily destroyed. This adds more challenge to this otherwise easy game. Its graphics are fine, as well as the music, and if you are patient enough to reach the higher levels you may find the game entertaining and worth to try.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Fine graphics
  • Two game modes
  • Free


  • Too easy at the beginning
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